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June 27, 2011

Stannah Stairlifts Ireland

Ireland Stairlifts suppliers of new and reconditioned Stairlifts. We can supply fully refurbished Stannah Stairlifts. All our Stannah reconditioned Stairlifts come with a full 12 month guarantee and warranty

Straight or curved we can supply and install a full range of Stannah Stairlifts.  We serve the whole of Ireland! Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway just to name a few

Stannah Stairlifts Ireland

Since we are an Irish independent company we can supply all the leading brands associated with the stairlift industry! Acorn, Bison, Brooks, Handicare, Stannah Thyssen etc.

For the best prices and deals on New or Used stair lifts in Ireland contact us today for free friendly information Free Online stairlift quote and free home surveys with no obligation on your part to buy anything what so ever

Ireland Stairlifts Phone Quote 01 513 3658

Visit our website >> Stairlifts Ireland >>> your local independent supplier of New & Pre-Used Stairlifts

June 23, 2011

Stairlift Buyers Guide Ireland! Simple facts about buying Stair lifts

Ireland Stairlifts buyers guide! Help advice on choosing the right supplier and stairlift manufacturer. Not all stairlift companies are the same. Let us help you find a local reputable stairlift supplier

Ireland Stairlifts have a large network of approved stairlift installers vetted by us to ensure quality products and excellent aftercare service

It’s a minefield of information to the layman trying to research the market of Stair lifts. One can simply get bogged down with information overload and be bamboozled by technical jargon

Let us offer you are 30 years experience in the stairlift industry! We know the products that are reliable and even more importantly! Stairlift companies that live up to our high standards and expectations of delivering quality products and service

There are a number of stairlift models we will not allow our approved suppliers to install! 30 years experience out in the field has taught us what works and more importantly “What Doesn’t”

For expert advice on Stairlifts with no Fluff or BS Local companies and true honest discount prices contact us today Ireland Stairlifts
Phone: 01 513 3658

The only stairlift buyers Guide you need is right here! Fill out our secure contact form to request a free brochure and information on stairlift suppliers Ireland >> Secure Contact Form >>>

June 20, 2011

Minivator Stairlifts Ireland Dublin Belfast

Ireland Stairlifts suppliers of New and Reconditioned Minivator Stairlifts. We can supply and install the full series of Minivator Stair lifts

For straight staircases we can supply the Minivator 1000 fully refurbished with a 12 month warranty and 24/7 aftercare service

Minivator Stairlifts Ireland

We can also supply the latest model in the Minivator range! Simplicity 950 for straight staircases. This is a very stylish stairlift with flowing contours and will look at home in any modern surroundings

For Staircases with curved landings the Minivator 2000 is a very popular model and has been in production for many years with a proven track record for reliability

The Minivator 2000 curved stairlift is DC Battery powered this ensures the Stairlift will still operate in the event of a power-cut failure

Visit our website for more information on Minivator Stairlifts >> Stairlifts Ireland >>>

June 15, 2011

Stairlift Quotes Ireland

Looking for a Stairlift Quote Ireland? Good news! Ireland Stairlifts can supply you with three independent stairlift quotes from reputable Irish stairlift companies (Stairlift Multi Quote)

All our approved Stairlift suppliers have been vetted by us to ensure each company has a proven track record for quality products and more importantly 100% aftercare service

Let us help you remove the guess work of locating local reputable stairlift suppliers in Ireland. By obtaining up to 3 Stairlift quotes will enable you to make an informed choice and find the best prices and deals from honest traders located within Ireland

Stairlift Quotes Dublin, Stairlift Quotes Belfast, Stairlift Quotes Galway
Free Stairlift Phone Quote 01 513 3658

Remove the headaches of contacting multiple companies and having to fill out numerous online contact forms that normally produce solicited spam emails or a constant barrage of telephone marketing sales teams who will not take No for an answer

Stairlifts Quotes Ireland

One simple form finds them all!
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Acorn Stairlifts Ireland Dublin Belfast

Ireland Stairlifts suppliers of Acorn 120 slimline stairlift, new or reconditioned we can supply every unit with a 12 month warranty on reconditioned Stairlifts and a 2 year warranty on all new straight and curved Stairlifts

The Acorn 120 superglide stairlift is designed for straight staircases. The slimline design allows it to be installed on the narrowest of stairwells. This high tech modern stairlift is battery driven which ensures the stairlift will still function even in the event of a power-cut outage

Acorn Stairlifts Ireland

Additional extra options such as automatic seat swivel and powered hinge rails can be supplied if required

The Acorn 80 Curved Stairlift is designed for curved staircases / stairwells that have one or more quarter fans or radius’s requiring the stairlift to travel round corners / bends etc

As above the Acorn 80 curved stairlift is also battery driven allowing it to operate in the event of a power-cut failure

Acorn 80 Curved Stairlift Ireland

Additional options are available such as powered seat swivel and powered hinge rails. The Acorn 80 curved stairlift is one of the best selling Stairlifts in the UK / USA market

We cover the whole of Ireland! Dublin, Belfast, Derry, Cork just to name a few. For more information on Acorn Stairlifts please visit our website >> Stairlifts Ireland >>>

June 14, 2011

Stairlift Prices Ireland

Stairlift Prices Ireland! Looking for prices of new or reconditioned Stairlifts? Ireland Stairlifts guarantee to beat any written stairlift quote.

Brand new straight Stairlifts at unbeatable trade prices! Fully installed with a 2 year warranty 1 free annual service and 24/7 breakdown emergency call out service should you be unfortunate to need it.

We believe our stairlift prices are so low, why buy a second hand or reconditioned stairlift when you can have a brand new unit for the same price other trade suppliers are offering for reconditioned units

prices stairlifts ireland

We supply all leading top brand names associated with Stairlifts!  Acorn, Bison, Brooks, Minivator, Stannah Stairlifts. Straight or curved phone us today for the best prices on stair lifts

Phone Now! 01 513 3658

We serve all county’s of Ireland! Dublin, Belfast, Londonderry, Cork, Free home surveys and stairlift quotes over the phone. We can supply quotes and advice by email. No spam no hard sell just friendly information to allow you to make an informed choice (The Right Choice)

Contact Ireland Stairlifts >> Secure Email Form >> No Spam

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June 13, 2011

Outdoor Stairlifts Supplied Dublin Ireland

Outdoor / Outside Stairlifts Ireland

It has never been easier to enjoy the garden you love with outside Stairlifts. People who have to depend on the use of stair lifts for access can now benefit from “Outdoor Stairlifts” manufactured for external use allowing the owner to enjoy their garden and surrounding areas. The sales of outdoor Stairlifts are booming.

If you are lucky enough to already own an indoor stairlift and benefiting from its advantages! Allowing you easy access to all available rooms and giving you the freedom and independence around your home then an outdoor Stairlift will be your greatest second asset.

The garden is as much part as your home as the bricks and mortar. With an out-side Stairlift in place you can enjoy the garden you and your partner family have spent years creating. Outside Stair lifts are specifically re-designed for outside use and to withstand the sometimes harsh Irish weather conditions.

Outside Stairlifts are built to a higher specification than normal internal Stairlifts! The standard mounting brackets are replaced with stainless steel brackets (None Corrosive) Extra precautions have been put in place to ensure the Stairlift chair and chair seat assembly are sealed to stop damp and moisture entering accessing the motor and circuits.

(PCB’s) Printed circuit boards have rigorously been extra coated in lacquer to prevent the ingress of water and damp attacking the fragile parts components. Extra water tight rubber seals have been incorporated around the plastic carriage covers and standard corrosive mild steel securing Nuts & Bolts have been replaced with stainless steel.

For extra protection over the harsh Irish cold winters a plastic coat/jacket has been designed to cover the Stairlift and protect it from the cold damp winter elements. Ensuring your out-side Stairlift will be ready and operational for use any time it is required etc.


Outdoor Stairlifts come with all the great features one would expect to find on your internal home stairlift! Smooth operation, Battery driven, folding seat and arm rests, Swivel seat for easy dismounting to and from the stairlift and easy to use paddle-stick direction switches etc.

Ireland Stairlifts supply New and Reconditioned Stairlifts throughout Ireland and all Irish counties! Dublin Belfast Derry Cork etc.

Click Here >>> Stairlifts Ireland >>> Visit our Website

June 8, 2011

Stairlifts Dublin

Ireland Stairlifts Dublin

We serve all counties of Ireland Main local head office is located in Dublin. We can supply New or Reconditioned straight and curved stairlifts at super low prices

All our approved agents dealers can install leading top brand names! Stannah Acorn Bison Minivator etc. We offer free home technical site surveys and free stairlift quotes

If you require a straight stairlift we can give you a stairlift quote over the phone 01 513 3658

Free friendly advice with fast installation and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. For more information on New or reconditioned Stairlifts please visit our website >>> Stairlifts Ireland >>>

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